Garrison Diversion Wins Lawsuit Brought Against Central ND Water Supply Project

Posted: Aug 26 2021
News Release:

CARRINGTON, ND (August 27, 2021) – A Missouri Federal District Court Judge issued an Order in favor of the Garrison Diversion Conservancy District, ending the State of Missouri’s attempt to stop the Central North Dakota Water Supply Project, which would deliver Missouri River water to potential municipal, rural, and industrial (MR&I) users in the central North Dakota region.
The Central North Dakota project is a cost-saving option for the Red River Valley Water Supply Project, a state and local water supply project that will bring Missouri River water through a buried pipeline to central and eastern North Dakota communities.  Missouri challenged the Bureau of Reclamation’s environmental review of the McClusky Canal cost-saving option. 
The Court found the environmental review to be appropriately completed, granting Garrison Diversion’s motion for summary judgment.  
“Allowing the use of the McClusky Canal to provide water for central North Dakota is a win for the state. It enables us to put to beneficial use a federal facility that has been largely underutilized since its construction,” says Duane DeKrey, General Manager of Garrison Diversion. 
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